During the National Socialist era, Nuremberg used to be the city of the Nazi Party Rallies. As many as one million of Hitler’s followers gathered here once a year for several days. Numerous human rights were violated at this time. Large numbers of people and groups suffered because of the racist and inhuman ideology of the Nazis. Several million people were persecuted, tortured, brutally murdered.

Today, Nuremberg is the City of Peace and Human Rights. Since the opening of Dani Karavan’s artwork, the town was impacted and actively engaged with human rights. Everyone shall feel comfortable in Nuremberg and be aware of their rights.

The municipal human rights office provides information and hosts events on the topic of human rights. The International Nuremberg Human Rights Award is awarded every two years. It is given to people fighting for the respect and protection of human rights in their country. Many more organisations in Nuremberg work for human rights.