The Way of Human Rights is a walkable public work of art. It is located in Nuremberg’s center directly in front of the main entrance to the Germanisches Nationalmuseum. It is composed of an entrance gate, 27 round pillars, two round bottom panels and an oak tree. On each of these elements (items) you will find one of the 30 Human Rights in German and another language.

With his idea for the artwork the artist Dani Karavan won a competition held by the Germanisches Nationalmuseum to redesign the street Kartäusergasse. The opening ceremony of the way of human rights was in 1993.

Dani Karavan was born December 7, 1930 in Tel Aviv, Israel and died May 29, 2021 in his place of birth. His artworks are known worldwide. They always contain a political message and often deal with human rights, flight and displacement. They are designed to be open to everyone.

The intention of the artwork is to make us reflect on issues such as: What are human rights? When and how are human rights violated? How can we do something for them? What can we do to defend them/ to stand up to their defense?

The artwork can mean something different to each person.

Dani Karavan said:

„I don´t like to explain my work. I want to leave it opened to everybody. […] This I leave to people to judge. Sometimes they find much more interesting and moving ideas through my work. This is to create. For people to create their own feelings. And their own imagination.“